How the story began...

Magic book

In the city of Scribe’s Crossing, our four heroes converged on the Vast Athenaeum, the largest library in the war-torn continent of Ghellt. Hobgoblins had tunneled into the basement of the library looking for something. Our heroes pursued the invaders and, in doing so, found themselves on a somewhat convoluted adventure. They uncovered devious plots, fought and won battles, and found themselves caught up in the dark machinations of an evil wizard named Dromik who wants two things—a book called The Song of Eternity (which our players stumbled upon first, though they don’t really know what it’s for) and to become a god. Typical.


Long story short, they discovered that Dromik is also looking for a few other magical artifacts that will help him create an undead army and aid him in his pursuit of godhood. Also, they went to Barovia and killed a vampire named Strahd. They rescued a young woman named Gertruda. They grew suspicious of a young woman named Gerturda. They banished a young woman named Gertruda. They murdered a young woman named Gertruda.

...Maybe don’t mention Gertruda to Janos; she’s kind of a touchy subject.


They jumped through time. They had an emotional homecoming in Bloom’s Sanctuary, which had grown into an impressive coalition of races and interests. They met Peanut’s sister and his adorable battle burrow Butters. They travelled to the Dwarven city of Anvil and found it ravaged by a deadly plague. While investigating the city, now populated with Dromik’s undead minions, they went undercover and pretended to join forces with Dromik, agreeing to help him invade the Underdark, and find a mysterious artifact for him called The Eternal Footman.

Attempting to find and steal the artifact before Dromik showed up and unleashed his full assault on the Drow city of Menzoberranzan, our heroes left their contingent of undead combatants to do a little light demolition work and they set off for House Baenre to speak with the High Priestess of the Drow Goddess Lolth.

Along the way, they met up with Arion Waycaster, the ranger Sarbis’s mentor, who had just orchestrated an invasion of the city for his own reasons. He informed them that a gross and powerful demon named Orcus was likely on his way to destroy the city any minute now. So, naturally, they took a break from their quest to do a little shopping.

Finally, upon reaching House Baenre, our heroes found that the goddess Lolth was actually there, in the Matron Mother’s house—not hanging out in her usual lair in the Demonweb Pits. When our heroes tried to warn the Demon Queen of Spiders about Dromik’s invasion, she grew enraged at the very notion that some wizard posed any kind of threat to her. She grew so angry, in fact, that her demented rage somehow knocked our heroes unconscious.

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